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Fall in love with style of Paris!


For our second daily story of cities style we choice a Paris. This week there was happening the famous Paris Fashion Week so because of that we get inspired with this lovely style.

Paris – Paint your world with love!

Sometimes we are constantly in rush, and it seems to us that time go as second. In many situations and under the daily pressure  we usual do not know what to wear to the daily variation,or for some important event. In situations like that, play it safe and choose what can not be a fashion mistake. Sometimes is not only question about the clothing that we wear,  but the color also it’s important to, and with red one, trust me, you can never make a mistake!

The red color signifies passion, love, romance. And if you want to leave good impression, choice the red because she is main weapon in the seduction.



The red color is by self a striking and somehow self-sufficient, but of course you can combine her with other colors such as gold (the gold details), or you can combined with a royal blue and with purple hues. However, one of the most beautiful and very daring combinations are red and pink.




















Always choose a red color in combination with other colors listed and for sure you will always be successful in any      fashion combination!



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